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Balanced Mindful Eating

Judgement of food and eating is pervasive, yet there is ample evidence that dietary restriction increases attention to the very foods labeled for exclusion – this can backfire into overeating and binge eating, followed by regret, guilt, remorse, further attempts at restriction, further violations of restraint – and on, and on. Mindful eating offers an alternative to dieting that has been shown to break this cycle. Paradoxically, it seems that only through nonjudgemental openness to all foods can balanced eating be achieved. It is arguably possible and completely appropriate for mindful eating to be a universal approach to food and eating.

– Adapted from page 15 of Dr. Klein’s book Mindful Eating from the Dialectical Perspective


Angela Klein, Ph.D.

Angela Klein, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Missouri, Columbia, in 2009. Prior to this she began her study of eating disorders and psychology through the honors program at Kent State University, completing her B.A., with a minor in women’s studies, as valedictorian, in 2002. As both a researcher and practitioner, Dr. Klein has extensive experience delivering and conducting treatment trials emphasizing effectiveness in the real world, including her development and investigation of the mindful eating program presented in her book Mindful Eating from the Dialectical Perspective. Dr. Klein began specializing in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in 2004. She is also now actively engaged in radically open (RO) DBT, becoming one of the first intensively trained RO therapists in the U.S. in 2015. Her evidence-based approach retains perspectives from cognitive behavior therapy, balanced with Eastern wisdom. She has multiple journal publications in the field of eating disorders and has presented her research both nationally and internationally. She founded and directs her private practice, Centered Ground, providing individual therapy, family therapy, group skills training classes, and coaching support to adolescents and adults in the greater San Diego area, offering her expertise in DBT, RO, and mindful eating from the dialectical perspective.


Bob Self

In 2003, Bob Self, a SoCal native with a love of the outrageous and flair for the theatrical founded an independent book publishing company with the dream of creating a path for daredevil artists to share their work with fans of the unusual. Baby Tattoo Books started as a tiny enterprise using traditional ink-on-paper printing to present eye-popping visuals, but something unexpected happened on the way to the bookstore… Baby Tattoo evolved from a small publishing house to a counter-culture big-top where alternative art and outsider entertainment flourish.

Hundreds of artists, from provocative up-and-comers to legendary masters, have been part of the Baby Tattoo story. Countless works of art, utilizing all manner of media, have been created and shared. A library of books, in a variety of formats, has been published and distributed throughout the world. Historic events, where imaginative thrill-seekers congregate and celebrate, have been hosted to honor the age-old tradition of gathering people together to revel in their passions.

Baby Tattoo Books publishes high-quality books and produces unique live events with the goal of building a thriving community where creators, collectors and fans of visual wonders can interact with one another as fellow travelers on a fantastic journey into the wildly unexpected.

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