Free Your Mind For Free – The Pier


Oceanside Fishing Pier

On the top of page 122 of my associate Dr. Klein‘s book Mindful Eating from the Dialectical Perspective is a bullet-pointed, bold phrase…

• Accumulating Positive Experiences

It’s just one part of a larger mindfulness skill set represented in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) by the acronym ABC PLEASE, but on its own it stood out to me as particularly attractive. Who wouldn’t want to accumulate positive experiences?

Not long after reading that section of the book, I was driving by a local park. I thought about how lovely it would be to stop and take a walk, and that the cost to do so would be nothing except for a little bit of my time and maybe some change for a parking meter. That got me thinking about other no-cost options for self-enrichment. I decided I would author weekly posts (illustrated with photos) exploring various free activities. This would provide two intertwined methods to accumulate positive experiences. First, I would get to enjoy a multitude of financially easy-to-access opportunities. Second, I would get to publish stories about my travels that would be readily available to anyone with interest and an internet connection.


Recently, while visiting Oceanside, California, I took a stroll on the fishing pier. I am in awe of the sea, and I love the idea of standing at the edge of the earth. The sights, sounds, and scents of the beach are unique, and the coastal air feels and tastes very specific.

Admittedly, one can only walk on a pier for free if there happens to be one nearby, but that’s the thing about many experiences… they are inherently situational.

No matter where you are geographically, there’s probably a path that ends definitively where something else begins. A place where you can mindfully exist while positively experiencing your place in the world. For a moment. For free.


Bonus: Sunrise And Sunset Are Free


Upcharge: Chopper Bike Rental $12/Hour


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